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An "A+" grade post office in Bedford Park, IL which is predicted to save more than $3M by upgrading to clean energy with no money down. | Photo source Station A

Platform grades commercial buildings for sustainability and provides green alternatives

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The clean energy marketplace connects buyers and providers working to achieve zero emissions

Spotted: As building managers and owners seek paths to achieve carbon neutrality, sorting through the vast quantity of available information is often overwhelming. Station A, a marketplace for connecting clean energy seekers and sellers, hopes to help simplify the situation. Owners enter the addresses of their buildings to receive a Clean Energy Grade.

The AI powered platform evaluates the myriad ways, based on its location and climate, in which a building can reduce its carbon emissions. Each Clean Energy Grade includes projected financial savings for the different renewable energy options.

The Station A platform then provides owners and managers with a single place to gather all quotes for clean power and electricity. Users can directly compare installation costs, retrofitting fees, and the length of time required to pay off the project. Station A also acts as an advisory board, providing consultancy on all stages of a structure’s transition to clean energy.

For providers, Station A improves the efficiency of the process by gathering all the data required for a detailed quote. The platform also helps providers connect with a range of projects, from size to type of energy required.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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