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Rugged Robotics works to automate the crucial process of construction layout | Photo source Paul Valle / Rugged

Autonomous robots reduce measuring errors at the start of construction projects

Property & Construction

By reducing human error, the technology could help projects stay to budget and deadline


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Spotted: Following 18 months of on-site testing, Rugged Robotics has revealed its first product, the Mark 1. An autonomous robot, the Mark 1 performs one of the single most important tasks in a construction project – marking the layout from the blueprint onto the floors and walls of a build. Called field layout, the process typically involves many hours of manual labour as teams check measurements and mark every aspect of a building onto the unfinished concrete floors and walls.

Mark 1 works singly or in groups and is able to maintain its measuring and drawing accuracy when navigating around aspects such as lifts, columns, and stairwells. The wheeled robots are delivered as a bespoke service, programmed to each project and deployed across an entire floor. The company has already proven the accuracy and efficiency of its technology enough to partner with Consigli Construction in its build of a new Sanofi life science headquarters in Massachusetts, United States.

Having recently raised more than $9 million (around €8 million) in a Series A funding round, the company is already working on improvements to its technologies. An early development goal is to build unmanned robot teams capable of working overnight – further enhancing efficiency savings for construction crews.

After decades of maintaining the status quo, the construction industry appears to be at the start of a movement towards innovation and increased use of integrated technologies. From storing sequestered carbon in recycled concrete to EV options for heavy duty machinery, the pace of improvement in all aspects of construction is picking up speed.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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