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The Carbon Capsule helps to remove human-generated greenhouse gases directly from the built environment | Photo source Carbon Reform

Modular technology removes CO2, improves indoor air quality, and saves energy 

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The process retrofits traditional HVAC systems to work more efficiently

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Spotted: Air conditioning units constitute around 6 per cent of the US’s yearly energy usage and come 2023, the country’s minimum HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) efficiency standards will need to increase. These changes indicate an increased need for retrofitting current systems, a challenge that building technology startup Carbon Reform plans to meet with its Carbon Capsule modular HVAC addition, which also improves indoor air quality.  

The Carbon Capsule connects to a building’s existing HVAC system and – along with the traditional air purification process – captures and sequesters carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants. The sequestered carbon dioxide mixes with calcium hydroxide (lime) to form limestone, a material used in a variety of applications, including green construction. The clean air is then recirculated, saving resources by reducing the amount of additional outside air needed, as well as reducing the energy needed to cool or heat the current interior air. 

The company estimates that, depending on the size of the building, the Carbon Capsule system could reduce one property’s carbon usage by over 5,000 tons every year. The company has a patent pending for the device, and a recent round of seed funding raised $3 million (around €2.84 million) that will support installation of the first full-scale pilot units in commercial high rises.  

From ultra-white paint that reflects more light to cool a building, to distributed district cooling systems, Springwise has spotted several innovations working to replace energy-intensive HVAC systems with greener alternatives. 

Written By: Keely Khoury




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