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ENEMY magazine hopes to give underrepresented people a voice | Photo source Enemy Magazine on Kickstarter

American independent magazine to target news deserts

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ENEMY, which plans to start publishing in late 2020, aims to expose local abuses of power and give voice to underrepresented communities

Spotted: Dedicated to showcasing local investigative journalism, ENEMY magazine focuses on exposing local abuses of power. In the news deserts scattered around the United States, too often such actions go unreported, because of a lack of resources in the affected community. The magazine’s goal is to give as many people a voice as possible.

With plans to publish quarterly editions, the magazine’s first publication year (starting in late 2020) will publish two issues. Each issue includes three investigative written stories and three photojournalism essays. Designed explicitly to unpack the complexities of the current world and counteract the constancy of updates, the magazine is dedicated to public service.

By raising money on Kickstarter, rather than through venture capitalists, the magazine maintains its independence by avoiding negotiation between advertising and editorial integrity. The project reached its goal in mid-December 2019, and rewards include copies of the magazine, photographic prints and on-the-job experiences with reporters.

Other innovations spotted by Springwisethat help underserved and underrepresented communities include a social platform that encourages debate outside a user’s immediate network and a map that scores the sustainability of global food systems.



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