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Hearken helps newsrooms and others connect with their audiences | Photo source Ludovica Dri on Unsplash

A platform connects newsrooms, educational institutions, and governments to their audiences

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Knowing more about a community helps organisations provide better products and services

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Spotted: Named after an Old English word meaning to listen, Hearken is a community engagement company. With two platforms, one for engagement within a community and one for engagement between the public and a business, Hearken is dedicated to helping other organisations build true connections with the communities they are trying to serve. Hearken focuses its work on media outlets, educational institutions, and government agencies as a means of making meaningful change possible at every level of society.

By bringing in community thoughts, concerns, and areas of interest to an organisation earlier in their workflows, businesses are able to provide services and products that better reflect what is currently needed. The Engagement Management System provides a direct connection between members of the public and an organisation. People submit questions and can vote on priorities, and for news outlets, the platform provides a quick way to find sources and improve depth of reporting.

The Switchboard Community Management system connects people with each other. Individuals and groups can post requests and offers, allowing for real-time engagement and support. The company hosting the system can learn who its most engaged audience members are while identifying local areas that are less active online.

Engagement is an essential requirement to staying in business, and Springwise is spotting innovations finding exciting new ways to interact with audiences. A digital art history platform, along with a mobile museum, is making artwork more accessible than ever. And an AI-powered device is now capable of translating images and webpages into Braille.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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