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By signing up to Presubscribe through Twitter, creators provide access to their work | Photo source Andrew Neel on Unsplash

'Presubscribe' platform lets content creators test monetisation potential of new products

Publishing & Media

Through the service, creators can get an idea of how successful a new content product might be before fully committing

Spotted: Presubscribe is encouraging writers and other content creators to consider going into business for themselves. The platform tests new content ideas, whether it be a newsletter, podcast or website, by letting its users “presubscribe” to these hypothetical products. This involves sharing their email address and the amount they’d be willing to pay to support your new initiative.

The team behind Stir, which builds tools to empower creators and business owners, believes that one of the biggest barriers creatives face is the secure knowledge of the backing of audiences and fans — especially in these turbulent times for the creative industries. 

The site encourages participation by regularly updating a leaderboard of creators by numbers of presubscribers, and has even seen names such as Matt Levine from Bloomberg and Taylor Lorenz from The New York Times sign up. You can also navigate the site by genre and tag, such as food, sport and tech. 

The service comes without cost to the creator, and monthly payments remain intentional for the presubscriber. The fan list is also only available on request and only the creator knows the numbers behind their personal list. 

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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