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The Radiohead public library | Photo source Radiohead

Radiohead transforms website into public library for fans

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Organised in sections around each album, the new website brings together everything band-related, in one easy-to-navigate place

Spotted: Radiohead’s tongue-in-cheek announcement called the band’s old website uninformative. This is no longer the case, thanks to the creation of the Radiohead Public Library. Organised by album, and colour-coded for ease of navigation, the new layout brings together a wealth of material, including archive footage, artwork, tour paraphernalia and merchandise, all now available in a single place.

As with any library, a membership card is available — the downloadable Radiohead Public Library card — to which fans can add their name and photo. The band’s nine albums can be navigated between via the colour-coded blocks at the top of the site. For more recent information on the various projects of the individual members of the band, fans can visit the connected website, Waste Headquarters.

The ways in which established musical artists are connecting with their fans are rapidly diversifying. Springwise recently spotted the rock band Pearl Jam utilising AR and Instagram to create an interactive scavenger hunt for its fans, generating huge buzz for its upcoming album.


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