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Sunglass Fixes new social media campaign uses humour to help define the brand | Photo source Baxter & Bailey

A fun and theatrical campaign to promote sustainable sunglasses


An ad campaign for an Australian brand highlights the company's innovative recyclable packaging solution

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Spotted: A new ad campaign uses a light-hearted approach and humour to advertise a sustainable sunglasses brand. UK-based ad firm, Baxter & Bailey, designed the campaign for Australian company Sunglass Fix. The campaign includes a recyclable packaging solution and a social media campaign “with a little bit of theatre built in”.

Sunglass Fix was established in 2006 to save thousands of pairs of sunglasses from landfill. They offer customers an alternative to throwing away scratched sunglasses lenses with their low-price, custom-cut replacement lenses for any frame, which are installed by the company themselves. However, growing competition made Sunglass Fix think of a new approach to standing out. 

Baxter & Bailey accomplished this by adapting the logo and using a vibrant colour palette to give the campaign a “joyful” feel. More relevantly, they also designed a sustainable packaging solution to the campaign, which is small enough to fit through letterboxes and light-weight enough for international shipping. Made from corrugated cardboard, the box is sturdy enough to act as an envelope, and instructions are printed on the inside of the box – no plastic or extra materials are used. Moreover, the lens pouches are biodegradable.

Although Baxter & Bailey and Sunglass Fix are on different continents and travel during the pandemic was almost impossible, the companies managed to work together to develop the new branding. Toby Price, who is Head of Marketing and user experience at Sunglass Fix explains that “Distance proved no challenge for creativity… [Baxter & Bailey] navigated the delicate balance between strategy and design, delivering not only a brand evolution to set us apart, but a campaign to help reach the front doors of an international audience.”

Sunglasses are proving a fertile area for sustainability, perhaps not surprising considering that almost 6 in 10 people wear them – that’s a lot of plastic that could end up in landfill. At Springwise we have seen innovations such as these sunglasses, which are made from recovered ocean plastic and these biodegradable sunglasses made from coffee and cotton.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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