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The Caper Counter autonomous checkout for smaller convenience stores | Photo source Caper

An automated checkout system for smaller shops


Retail technology company Caper has developed a plug-and-play countertop designed for use in mini markets

Spotted: AI-powered self-checkout has been experiencing a huge surge in interest, with a particular interest in shopping carts that allow cashier-less checkouts. But while autonomous shopping carts may be useful for larger grocery stores, they are less helpful in the smaller ones. 

Retail technology company Caper has developed a plug-and-play countertop designed for use in mini markets and retail stores under ten thousand feet. It uses computer vision and “Sensor Fusion” technology to visually detect and identify the items placed on the Caper Counter. The items are then automatically added to the customers total, and shoppers can pay on the device, or use Apple Pay or similar platforms to checkout. 

Installation of Counter is very fast and easy and does not require a store retrofit or downtime. In-store, the device only needs a power source and a WiFi password to get up and running. The initial model can handle up to 10 items at a time, but Caper is planning to adapt it to manage larger orders.  

Caper is positioning its Counter to replace standard self-checkout technology with a system that consumers find more pleasant to use. According to Lindon Gao, CEO and co-founder of Caper, “With our experience talking to customers and shoppers, their biggest issue is not that they have to bring the item to the counter. Their biggest issue is having to scan each one of these items and have the self-checkout yell at you while you’re checking out.”

With its automated checkout systems, Caper is hoping to transform the shopping experience. We have previously covered Caper’s self-checkout shopping trolleys, but they have a lot of competition in the area of self-checkout. At Springwise, we have also covered Vevee’s smart grocery cart and a platform by Scandit that allows stores to develop their own self-checkout apps.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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