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The EDL team collaborating | Photo source EDL

Vegan footwear company designs in-house supply chain software


The aim is to ensure that all partners have access to real-time and accurate information, not only to aid planning but to also minimise waste

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Spotted: California based vegan footwear brand, Evolution Design Lab, has created a digital platform for use both internally and with all supply partners.

The software includes portals tailored to factories, buyers and everyone in between. The aim is to ensure that all partners have access to real-time and accurate information at every stage of production.

On the customer interface, the EDL platform allows users to create 3D designs with different materials. To encourage collaboration, there is also a function which allows multiple people to access a shared page from different locations. Once a design is completed, information is relayed to potential retail partners to demonstrate different stock keeping units (SKUs).

For supply chain partners, the platform is able to generate spec sheets and inventories describing all the materials needed for each product. This will not only aid planning but will also minimise waste and could speed up the entire production process.

From the first case study, DL reported a 75 per cent reduction in development costs on footwear samples and a 300 per cent increase of the product line and SKU depth.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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