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Felt fruit and vegetables | Photo source Lucy Sparrow Fcaebook

UK artist recreates traditional NYC deli out of felt


Lucy Sparrow uses art to underscore society's consumerism and consumption.

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Spotted British artist Lucy Sparrow’s latest exhibit transforms gourmet food into touchable art. The felt replicas will inspire people to think about their relationship with food and consumerism, according to exhibit organisers.

From delicate patisseries to gourmet cheeses, the Delicatessen on 6th exhibit pays homage to New York’s legendary up-scale delicatessens. Sparrow has recreated the cornucopia of gourmet food that made Manhattan delis famous. The result is a public art exhibit that invites people to enter an interactive universe with the food they consume. 

The detailed felt replicas have tiny eyes and smiles to engage people and inspire them to consider their consumerism habits. Every item is for sale. 

The exhibit is part of the Art in Focus series at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The series, which showcases work inspired by the city, is made in partnership with the Art Production Fund. The Delicatessen on 6th exhibit is scheduled to run through 20 October. 



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