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Le Cube is a mirrored surface that serves as both a sculpture and a stage | Photo source MANA

Skater-inspired exhibit hints at future of experience-driven retail

Architecture & Design

The mirrored skate ramp is the interactive centrepiece of an exhibit in the Le Bon Marché department store in Paris

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Spotted: US-based architecture studio MANA and skateboarder Scott Oster have created a skateable sculpture for a Los Angeles-inspired exhibit in Paris. Called Le Cube, it seeks to blur the edges between performance and shopping. 

Le Cube is a mirrored surface that serves as both a sculpture and a stage. It includes a fully operational skate ramp. 

The installation hangs in the atrium of the Le Bon Marché department store. During the day, local skateboarders perform on the ramp. As shoppers move through the store, their perspective on the performance changes. When Le Cube is empty, it turns into a reflective surface. Shoppers can see their reflection and take photos.

The exhibit was shortlisted by Dezeen Awards.



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