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SURI's electric toothbrush is bringing sustainability to the bathroom | Photo source Suri

A bio-based electric toothbrush is compostable and recyclable 


The brush is modular, which allows it to be repaired, rather than thrown away

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Spotted: The second largest contributor to plastic pollution after plastic bags, plastic toothbrushes are almost all non-recyclable because of the number of tiny parts they contain. Bamboo brushes have become a common replacement, yet for those who love electric toothbrushes, what can they use instead? UK company SURI has the answer. The name stands for Sustainable Rituals, and the brand’s first product is the Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush. 

A mix of recyclable and compostable components, plus a modular design, gives SURI’s electric toothbrush an extensive life. Replacement brush heads come in packs of three, and the company provides a compostable return mailer with each order for users to send back used brush heads in for recycling.

Most current toothbrushes use nylon bristles, a material that contributes to the inability of waste management facilities to recycle them. SURI, on the other hand, uses castor oil for the bristles and corn starch for the brush head. The handle is easy-to-recycle aluminum. Available accessories include a UVC light self-cleaning and charging travel case, a magnetic mirror mount, and a paper washbag. Most components are recyclable or compostable, and the company provides instructions on its website for deconstructing products if a user is unable to ship them back for recycling.

Toothpaste tubes are also part of the personal hygiene pollution problem, and Springwise has spotted innovations seeking to change this through refillable toothpaste dispensers as well as toothpaste tablets.  

Written By: Keely Khoury



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