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Air pollution in New Delhi is rising at an unprecedented rate | Photo source alvpics on Pixabay

A bar serving oxygen 'shots' in New Delhi

Health & Wellbeing

A shop in New Delhi has started selling hits of clean oxygen in response to India’s high pollution levels

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Spotted: In November, officials in New Delhi, India, declared a public health emergency when levels of deadly particulate matter rose to 60 times the threshold deemed safe by the World Health Organisation. In response to public outcry over the health crisis, entrepreneurs Aryavir Kumar and Margarita Kuritsyana opened Oxy Pure, a bar “serving” hits of oxygen.

Oxy Pure customers are given a nasal canula, a lightweight tube similar to those used to deliver oxygen in hospitals. Customers place the device under their nostrils and have the option to breathe in odourless oxygen, or oxygen infused with aromas such as lemongrass, lavender, cherry and eucalyptus. Located in an upscale mall, a 15-minute session costs around €4.50.

Having previously worked as a hotelier, co-owner Aryavir Kumar claims that he does not make a profit from the business. However, he does have plans to open locations in the capital’s airport, as well as in the cities of Mumbai and Bangalore. 

Although experts caution that breathing in 15 minutes of unpolluted oxygen a day will not do anything to ameliorate the toxic effects of New Delhi’s air, customers report feeling “refreshed” and “relaxed” after a session.

While unique, a bar selling oxygen is part of a growing trend for wellness products and experiences. At Springwise, we have recently covered wellness innovations that include a city café that mimics a rural village, and a device that uses AI to determine your skin health, before creating a bespoke smoothie with the nutrients you are missing.


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