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The micromobility and road safety app has adjusted to the COVID-19 times | Photo source OurStreets

App crowdsources availability of essential shopping supplies


Consumers can report on in-store safety features, and retailers are able to send alerts when items are back in stock

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Spotted: The most successful innovators aren’t afraid of a pivot or two when circumstances change. OurStreets, a crowdsourced micro-mobility and road safety app, has done just that with its new OurStreets Supplies feature. The Supplies section of the app provides relevant and timely local data focused on which supplies are currently available in area retail outlets. Knowing that a corner shop has run out of something specific will prevent individuals from taking unnecessary trips, and help frontline workers to avoid wasting their time.

The app is free to use for members of the public and is available for both iOS and Android. Importantly, the Supplies section also provides a social distancing reporting feature, which lets shoppers see which stores are making it easy to stay safe in public. Retailers who partner with the app can send official updates on levels of crucial items in stock and, most usefully, can send alerts when something is back on the shelves.

As well as providing an essential service to individuals, the OurStreets team sees potential for supporting smaller and local businesses. By directing shoppers to stores they may not have previously visited, the app can help strengthen community ties.

Other community-focused innovations spotted by Springwise that have been created in response to the global health pandemic include smart street signs and dedicated shopping services for seniors.

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