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Anyone can download the Perpule app and find stores that use the system | Photo source Perpule

Cloud-based self-checkout platform is compatible with any store setup


A Bengaluru startup has developed a next-gen, point-of-sale system designed for the Indian market

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Spotted: Perpule has announced the launch of its next-generation point-of-sale billing system, the UltraPOS. The AI-driven platform is designed to be enabled anytime, anywhere billing. The SaaS product is based in the cloud, which allows for self-checkout without the need for in-store servers and bulky computers. 

Anyone can download the Perpule app and find stores that use the system. Once in the store, customers chose products from the shelf, scan the bar codes using their phone’s camera and then checkout and pay through the app. Customers receive a digital invoice they can show at the exit to prove they have paid. 

The company then used the same technology to develop its UltraPOS system. The system works with different hardware, including card machines and laser scanners. Perpule found that many stores were using legacy billing systems, even though the look and feel of stores have changed a lot in recent years. They decided that since they already had a technology platform in the Perpule app, it made sense to adapt it for use in stores, saving them both space and time.

The idea of the system is to allow retailers to make real-time decisions and transform their stores from a digital perspective. According to Perpule CEO Abhinav Pathak, “Our focus is to make sure that the retail systems evolve a lot more to support a very seamless experience of self-checkout. It’s great what it is today but it’s not the best that can exist.”

Self-checkout has been growing by leaps and bounds, and at Springwise we have been following developments in this sector with interest. Some of the recent innovations covered have included an AI product-recognition system that helps to reduce self-checkout theft and AI-powered shopping trolley that automatically totes up your shopping bill.

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