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The Aria malaria device is in capsule form | Photo source Behance

Device uses infrared light to detect Malaria

Health & Wellbeing

Aria is a portable capsule that helps doctors to quickly and easily check for signs of malaria in a blood sample

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Spotted: US-based designer, Minwoo Lee, has created a small, portable diagnostic kit for malaria. The capsule, named Aria, could make it easier and less expensive for doctors to determine if malaria is in the bloodstream. 

Aria offers an inexpensive alternative to the current tests for malaria. It is easy to use, so the tests can be performed onsite and quickly, without the need for specialists to be brought in. 

The kit uses infrared light to detect Malaria-caused parasites in blood samples, which are taken by the first capsule. This is then inserted into a second, larger capsule, in which there are infrared light and a digital microscope. 

When the blood sample is inserted in the larger capsule, the infrared light is activated. The findings and images of the blood cells are then displayed on a screen



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