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The process allows for nearly 100 percent of salt to be removed from the water | Photo source Unsplash - Geetanjal Khanna

Hydrophilic disc desalinates water with solar power


A team from Monash University is hoping their process can provide clean water to locations in need


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Spotted: Professor Xiwang Zhang and colleagues from Monash University have developed an intricately-designed solar steam generator to separate salt from water. Unlike other solar-powered desalination processes, the device avoids salt from gathering on the surface of the material.

The invention uses a disc made from super-hydrophilic filter paper, which attracts water. The carbon nanotubes covering the disc allow sunlight to be converted into heat. The heat then turns the water into steam and propels the salt towards the edges of the disc.

The process allows for nearly 100 percent of salt to be removed from the water, making the water viable for most purposes. Ideally, the team hopes that the device can provide clean water to locations currently without access.




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