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The ultra-violet stamp. | Photo source Shachihata

Japanese anti-groping stamp marks predators

Nonprofit & Social Cause

The ultra-violet stamp, which sold out within an hour of going on sale, is designed to protect women on trains by discouraging gropers


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Spotted: A Japanese company has created an inexpensive, easy-to-use stamp for women to mark predators in public transportation. The “annoyance stamps” are an effort to give women a voice against groping, the company says.

The stamps were created by Shachihata, a Japanese stamp producer, in response to the growing outcry against groping on public transportation. After a tweet suggesting women prick offenders with a safety pin went viral, the stamp was developed as a safer alternative. 

The stamp marks the groper with 9-mm stamp in ultra-violet ink. That means the mark is only visible under black light. A small black light is included in the set. 

The first 500 annoyance stamps were sold within an hour of the product being posted online. Shachihata calls the Annoyance Stamp a “small step” against attacks against women and is currently taking suggestions on how to improve the device.



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