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The Oru Inlet folding kayak is designed for beginners. | Photo source Oru

Inlet kayak folds like origami

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The Kayak is lightweight and folds up to a size so it can be taken anywhere

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Spotted: Oru Kayak, who developed the origami kayak, have now introduced a new super-lite version. Oru kayaks have the strength and performance of a traditional, hardshell kayak, but fold up like origami. They are also lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere. 

The new model, called the Inlet, weighs around 20 pounds and folds down into a pack the size of a small suitcase, 42 inches long by 10 inches tall and 10 inches wide. 

The Inlet unfolds into a 10-foot kayak and is designed for flatwater and paddlers of all experience levels. To create it, the Oru team made dozens of paper and cardboard models, ensuring that every fold would nest and fit perfectly, to eliminate wasted space.

Oru’s kayaks are made from OruPlast, which is a thicker, custom-made version of the same plastic that postal service bins are made out of. The Inlet is available through Kickstarter starting at €677 each. With 47 days to go on their campaign, the company had already raised €545,000 out of a goal of just €63,700.



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