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Turning thin air into a carbon goldmine


'Decentralised' DAC technology enables companies to capture their own CO2 from the air for commercial use


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Spotted: We’re used to thinking of CO2 as something to be gotten rid of, but in reality, a number of industries depend on its ready availability. These include controlled environment agriculture, the manufacture of fertilisers, and many other uses. Indeed, demand for CO2 is skyrocketing.

Climate tech company Skytree has an answer to the problem of too much CO2 in the atmosphere and insufficient CO2 available for commercial uses. The startup has developed a decentralised direct air capture (DDAC) technology that allows organisations to capture CO2 from the air for use in manufacturing. This provides users with greater flexibility and reliability, unlike traditional point-source carbon capture technology.

The technology uses a filter to capture CO2 from ambient air. The sorbent is then heated, releasing the CO2 in a controlled manner. The CO2 stream is pressurised in a buffer tank, allowing it to be repurposed for multiple applications. When powered using renewable energy, the system becomes even more sustainable.

Skytree Product and Communications Manager Susie James told Springwise that, “After an incredibly successful year with over €13m raised in 2023 alone, we’re focused on further fundraising in 2024. Our main focus will be deploying and installing our first Cumulus units, supporting our customers on their Skytree journey. We will be continuing to partner with local businesses in the Netherlands, and look forward to expanding our customer relationships.”

There is no shortage of ideas for reducing atmospheric CO2. Some ideas recently spotted by Springwise include converting CO2 into fertiliser and upcycling CO2 into sustainable oils.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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