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Formalising the recycling market in Brazil


A reverse logistics company is working to increase recycling capacity and improve recycling rates across the country

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Spotted: Reverse logistics is a type of supply chain management where goods are moved from customers back to the sellers or manufacturers. As people order more and more products online, reverse logistics has grown into an estimated $731 billion (around €689 billion) market. Brazilian company Eureciclo is a recent entrant into this space, with a focus on sustainability.

Eureciclo has developed a platform that tracks the post-consumer packaging recycling chain and certifies that the same volume of packaging that is put on the market is sent to recycling. Companies can contract with Eureciclo and receive the Eureciclo seal to print on their packaging. This tells consumers the company is committed to recycling.

The startup also works with landfills, private recycling companies, and waste collectors using a model of recycling credits. These work by turning recycling invoices into bonds that can be sold to packaging manufacturing companies to help them comply with Brazil’s National Solid Waste Policy.

Eureciclo recently announced the completion of a R$100 million (around €18.7 million) series B funding round led by Ória Capital. The funds will be used to expand the network of operators in the recycling chain, and to promote the growth of the country’s recycling chain capacity through the structuring of cooperatives and mechanisation of sorting centres.

Logistics is not only big business, it is also a vital component of the race to reach net zero. This can be seen in a number of innovations in the Springwise database, including a new smart packaging system and a company that helps brands remove single-use packaging from their supply chains.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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