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Once charged, the generator stores power for up to a year | Photo source Generark

Portable generator powers home devices for up to a week

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The device comes with flexible solar panels and holds a full charge up to a year

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Spotted: With climate emergencies becoming more widespread and common, many communities are, for the first time, having to consider the potential for local environmental crises. And for those living in more neutral climates, having access to sustainable power sources could be an important aspect of living less wastefully. Generark’s solar-powered, easily transported generator provides substantial amounts of energy and can be charged in multiple ways. In an emergency, the device can power a significant portion of a home’s appliances and other energy needs for up to a week. 

Once charged, the generator stores power for up to a year. The generator is available in two sizes. The Starter provides up to 1566 Wh of power, and the Plus provides 2060 Wh of power. Solar panels are optional and are designed for ease of use. A kickstand allows them to be positioned almost anywhere around a home and garden. The device is small, sleek and quiet, making it more of a design feature than traditional noisy generators.  

Depending on the need, users can charge the generator via electricity, solar or a vehicle. And with four outlets and two USB ports, the generator is powerful enough to run multiple devices at the same time.  

Solar power is increasingly being used in public spaces, with Springwise spotting a festival art and power installation and a bike path that lights up at night. 

Written by: Keely Khoury



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