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Startup uses big data to help cities improve infrastructure

Mobility & Transport uses computer-driven algorithms to help cities optimise electric car charging networks and other infrastructure

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Spotted: Lithuanian startup has created an online tool that uses big to help cities improve infrastructure. The startup focuses on optimising where cities deploy electric vehicle infrastructure. 

The program pulls together large data sets from a wide variety of sources, including population density and existing electric car networks.

The algorithm also considers grid capacity, potential cost, demand and distances to key locations in the area, like offices and malls. Based on all this, the tool then recommends which are the best places to set up electric charging stations. 

Volt believes the tool has reduced charging station installation costs by 44 per cent and increased public charging stations usage by 51 per cent. Volt’s Chief Operations Officer, Simonas Kuksas, told Springwise that he sees the platform as a way to help communities “transition into e-mobility”. 

He also said “Currently what we find in the market are different players providing services like either installation services or some type of collaborative services. But none focus on the full cycle of charging stations development”. 



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