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Time to kill in Tel Aviv? Soon you can ask Raaago to find you something to do. | Photo source Shai Pal on Unsplash

Travel app promotes serendipity by randomly selecting things to do, see and eat

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The personalised travel guide presents users with a curated choice, a nearby sushi restaurant and a bar for drinks afterwards

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Spotted: The new Raaago app, developed by German design group Random Access Studios, aims to make travel more interesting by making it random.

The smart phone-accessible travel guide allows users to enter their location and their goal (eating, drinking, sightseeing, etc). The guide will then present users with a curated choice – a nearby sushi restaurant perhaps and a bar for drinks afterwards.

The app will initially be available for six locations: Berlin, Ljubljana, Munich, Tel Aviv, Zurich and Mallorca. It will not only include suggestions, but also advice on booking the chosen restaurant or suggested club. In addition, the site offers real-time weather updates to make planning easier.

The Raaago app claims to reduce the stress of planning by offering a curated and independent travel guide. It does not include lists, sponsored posts, user comments or ratings – just tips.

According to the site, “Go makes finding and deciding for places easy again. Go helps you decide, but in the end, it’s still you deciding where to go.” It’s a minimalist travel guide. This makes it easy to be more spontaneous. If you have a few hours to kill, you can ask Raaago to suggest something to do. 

At Springwise, we have covered a number of innovations in wayfinding and travel. These have included an app that gives tourists real-time access to local advice and a WeChat mini-program that makes travel easier for Chinese tourists in Finland.



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