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The Interspace Seats | Photo source Universal Movement

'Origami' aeroplane seat design could help make flying safe from COVID-19

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Aircraft interior designers have collaborated to create seat accessories for improved inflight hygiene and social distancing

Spotted:  French cabin equipment supplier Safran Aerosystems has partnered with British seating designer Universal Movement to create an “Origami” seat that makes partitions around economy-class seats.

The design – which is officially called Interspace Comfort System – features two wings within the seat-back that can be unfolded to offer lateral support and prevent movement, leaving the middle seat of three vacant and creating a privacy barrier between seats.

The concave padded shells, which are the same height as the seat, can be installed on 90 per cent of economy seats, says Safran. Safran Seats executive vice-president strategy and innovation Quentin Munier said he hopes to have the product on the market in the next few months, and the premium-economy concept later in the year. 

The partnership with Universal Movement is part of a suite of post-COVID innovations which the French company plans to release under the Travel Safe brand. They include Ringfence, a removable partition that isolates neighbouring passengers, a pedal for hands-free reclining and virus-proof coatings for armrests and tray tables.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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