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The Green Box | Photo source OnMateria

Sustainable amenity kit is designed to tackle plastic waste on-the-go

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The Green Box is designed to tackle the plastic waste problem in the hospitality industry, where millions of single-use items are thrown away each year

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Spotted: One of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution is single-use plastics. In recent years, many industries and companies have faced pressure to use more sustainable designs in an effort to curb this problem. Sweden-based company OnMateria’s innovative solution is the Green Box, an amenity kit designed to tackle plastic waste in the hospitality industry by helping hotels to transition to a circular economy, and thus avoid the waste generated by the millions of toiletries thrown away each year.

Every part of the Green Box is made from bio-sourced, biodegradable and compostable materials. This allows the hotels to industrially compost and organically recycle the items in a controlled environment, leaving behind soil and biogas after 10 weeks of the methanisation process and creating green energy. The design of the kit goes beyond providing functional value but also aims to educate its users about new materials and better waste sorting practices.

The Green Box takes it a step further and includes a disposable bin for each room, which familiarises hotel-goers with this new kind of waste stream. The guests will have the opportunity to independently sort materials as compostable and non-compostable by simply following the colour system: green is for compostable and white for general waste. Once separated, the “green” items, along with other organic waste from the hotel, can all be composted. This simple amenity kit has the potential to produce enough energy to power a standard LED light bulb for over 27 hours.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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