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Children take part in flight attendant lessons in the new scheme | Photo source NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Domestic sightseeing flights entertain locals and keep airlines busy

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The new flights entertain children as well as adults and provide citizens with a change of scenery, while remaining fairly close to home

Spotted: With many aeroplanes grounded indefinitely due to the coronavirus, companies are getting creative as they fight for survival. Taiwanese airline China Air is now offering domestic customers a two-hour sightseeing flight over and around the island. Children take part in flight attendant lessons and, after being kitted out in the appropriate airline outfit, serve their older family members who are seated in a mock cabin.

The sightseeing flight passes over the country’s mountains and north towards Japan before circling back for landing. Due to the popularity of the introductory flights, the airline plans to release more in the coming weeks, and both economy and business class seats are available.

Taiwan’s other major airline, Eva Air, has also begun offering domestic sightseeing flights as a new service. Additionally, some airports in the country now allow people to check-in and board planes that never leave the ground.

Unfortunately for most airlines right now, the only thing up in the air is the future of their business, which restricts opportunities for innovation. With air travel remaining limited for at least the next several months, a number of designers and creators have been looking at ways to get homebound citizens out and about a bit more, albeit still fairly locally. Examples Springwise has spotted include a city tram redesigned specifically for socially-distanced travel and modular mini-airports for air taxis.

Written By: Keely Khoury

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