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CitizenMe will be collaborating with Spotify to integrate information of citizens top 20 playlists. | Photo source Qim Manifester on Unsplash

A smartphone app to help take back control of your digital self

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‘Citizens’ can view data requests from companies and exchange these for cash payment into their PayPal account.

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Spotted: CitizenMe is an identity control service that works to help individuals take back ownership of their “digital selves” and get value from their online data. With the CitizenMe smartphone app, users can view requests from companies seeking information on where they work or what they buy in exchange for cash payment into their PayPal account.

The App operates by pulling data from social media networks, various applications and self-reported survey questions, which are then integrated into a single place on the app. CitizenMe uses AI algorithms to filter, link and layer the data, providing users with useful personal insights . For example, by integrating information such as step-count from the Health App, Facebook likes alongside the users’ last 50 tweets, the App can create a holistic vision of an individual’s personality traits, including whether they are politically liberal or conservative.

All data is stored on users’ phone, giving individuals full control over their data. If users choose to, they can then share these insights and digital data with organisations. If the organisation is a for-profit business, they can exchange it for cash; alternatively, they can donate it to charity for research purposes.

“CitizenMe’s purpose is to make the digital world more ethical, efficient and valuable for all of us. It’s a joy and a privilege to work with a growing number of organisations & brands who want to do this for their customers and users too”, CitizenMe CEO and founder StJohn Deakins told Springwise

For business, CitizenMe provides the advantage of reaching and building very niche audiences. Thus, if an organisation needs information from a specific age-demographic or personality-type.

So far, CitizenMe has engaged over 220 thousand international users and over 50 million in panel partners. In the upcoming weeks, the company will be collaborating with Spotify to integrate information of citizens’ top 20 playlists. Next year they also plan to connect with open banking and smart meters.



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