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Domestic workers are particularly vulnerable to modern slavery conditions | Photo source Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash

A platform to formalise the domestic work sector in Southeast Asia

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The platform works to directly connect women seeking domestic work, with prospective employers within a transparent and ethical job-search and recruitment process

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Spotted: Modern day slavery still takes place in many forms, including among domestic workers. In Malaysia, many domestic workers come from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Cambodia, and are vulnerable to slave-like work and living conditions. Moreover, they often lack the agency to report any abuses against them. 

Pinkcollar is a platform on a mission to  formalise the domestic work sector in Southeast Asia. To do so, the company has devised a transparent and ethical job-search and recruitment process that connects domestic workers and household employers. 

In addition to hosting employer and maid profiles, Pinkcollar also offers bespoke features to assist and support users throughout the employment term. For example, it has created a productivity and assistance toolkit to aid the working experience, and a ratings-system and a community forum for employers and maids. It has also developed educational materials for domestic workers to take advantage of during their rest-days.

The company foresees a number of key challenges that the platform will need overcome. These include building social awareness among employers in host-countries, and ensuring access to the platform for the demographic groups that most need it – groups that often lack digital skills. Ultimately, the goal is to build a ‘trust’ community with users on the platform.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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