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Some of the configurations of the Box Office | Photo source Box Office

Multifunctional 'Box Office' helps separate work and home life

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The eco-friendly design mimics a classic office cubicle, but is portable and adaptable to different home spaces

Spotted: As the coronavirus pandemic rages on and working from home remains the norm for many, some studies show that employees are finding it more and more draining to work from home, often because they are working in smaller, shared and makeshift spaces. 

The “Box Office”, created by industrial designers at the University of the Philippines, mimics the “office cubicle”, providing a private and secluded space within the home, and thus helping to separate working space from home space. It can be adjusted into three main configurations: a wall desk or shelf that comes with or without partitions, which can be adjusted to two different heights; a “Work Tray” that comes with or without partitions; and “Tall Mode”, which is similar to a floor table or desk. 

The Box Office is also environmentally-friendly, with the desk made of bamboo plywood and the partition made from wood-skin mesh, which allows the cloth hinges to bend and fold. The magnets that keep the hinges in place make the design intuitive, and it comes in multiple colours. There is also a power strip and a charging outlet on the right side.

The final product was the result of feedback from a selection of working from home volunteers. It was the National runner up in this year’s James Dyson Awards, and the next step is to develop a working prototype to be assessed by industry professionals.

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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