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There are three different virtual 'rooms' in the club | Photo source Club Quarantane

Virtual club keeps people dancing during lockdown

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Resident Advisor has launched a virtual rave as a way of bringing the electronic music community together during lockdown

Spotted: In a time of lockdown restrictions, many virtual innovations have started popping up as a way to keep people entertained at home. Online music magazine and community platform Resident Advisor have created Club Quarantäne, possibly the first virtual club to exist. With the website functioning as the venue, this virtual rave is providing a place for people to connect virtually, dance and explore an exclusive setting while staying home and safe.

In order to be let into this exclusive party, each guest must first tackle several obstacles, the first of which is having the patience to endure a queue similar to that of the nightclub Berghain in Berlin. Upon reaching the front of the queue, guests must then face the cynical virtual bouncer, Geezer. Once you have passed the first two challenges, you are given an entry quiz to determine if you are really worth letting in.

The website features 24 DJ sets and a sophisticated venue that is divided into three main areas: a “Cloakroom”, a “Bar” and a “Bathroom”. At the “Cloakroom” guests can purchase merchandise, the “Bar” gives you an opportunity to donate to COVID-19 causes, and the “Bathroom” acts as a multi-cubicle chat room.

Club Quarantäne is part of Resident Advisor’s #SaveOurScene campaign, in aid of the electronic music community, which has been hit hard by the pandemic. Furthermore, it is raising funds for seven charity partners.

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