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DUAL has several different formulations | Photo source DUAL

Multi-functional chair turns into a desk setup

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The DUAL design is ideal for people working in small spaces, who need the flexibility to transition between work and home life

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Spotted: Designers Anshul Kumar and Gargi Wadnap have come up with DUAL — a multi-functional desk chair that can turn into a table and chair desk set-up.

The DUAL desk chair is a compact wooden chair with a stainless steel stool attachment, which can be formulated in several different ways. When the stool is stacked on top of the chair, it provides back support for posture and acts as a normal chair. 

However, DUAL can also be made into a chair and desk setup, whereby the stool attachment slides into the largest cavity on the chair’s seat, and the backrest meets the sitter at their new position. The chair’s seat has notches that coincide with the stool’s legs for easy stacking, and which provides space between the seat and stool attachment for storage space.

The designers feel that with so many of us living in and working from smaller spaces this year, there is much room for a fun, adaptable and creative solution. The multi-functionality of the chair ensures that it can be used in both a working and living context; whether as a minimalist living room seat or a functional office setup for good posture, DUAL could be adapted to many different situations. 

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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