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The Nōmada desk | Photo source etov studio / Enrique Tovar

Portable desk aids socially-distanced workers

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Through an integrated handle and modular design, setting up a safe workspace takes only minutes

Spotted: Architect Enrique Esteban Tovar Díaz has designed the Nōmada desk to be a quality workspace in temporary locations. Designed earlier in the year, the portable, lightweight and modular desk is incredibly relevant for a post-COVID workspace, as companies begin reopening or rethinking their offices.

Made from recycled oak, the legs detach and fit into the bottom of the desk for storage and transport. A laminated polymer top forms the wipe down, writable work surface, and the rectangular shape makes the desk ideal for a variety of team-based configurations, including socially-distanced working requirements.

Modularity is proving a useful adaptation to new requirements, with innovations spotted by Springwise in industries ranging from hospitality to healthcare. Restaurants in New York are using kits to transform pavements into safe dining spaces and portable wards are helping healthcare teams turn empty spaces into smart hospital units

Written By: Keely Khoury

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