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Firstbase is developing a one-stop-shop to make it easier for companies to convert to remote working | Photo source LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

All-in-one service for setting up a remote workflow

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One startup's solution to dealing with a scattered workforce lets companies create remote offices at the touch of a button

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Spotted: Large numbers of companies are adapting to a post-COVID future, where many of their employees will need to work remotely. As they do so, they are finding that there are a host of platforms to help with collaboration and communication, but few options to help with everything at once. Startup Firstbase is hoping to capture that market, with an all-in-one solution that lets companies create remote offices at the touch of a button.

Firstbase aims to provide remote workers with the tools they need to be safe, comfortable and productive at home. They charge companies a single monthly subscription per employee and handle equipment setup, maintenance, upgrades and repairs, app provisioning and setup, and cross border payments, compliance and security. 

The company claims that its service can help companies to save money by spreading the cost of remote setups over a longer period of time. They also handle onboarding for remote operating best practices and help employees claim back tax on energy and internet expenses.  They even plan to work on cultivating local remote social networks to connect workers with the community.

After building Firstbase as an internal tool to help his own employees work remotely, founder Chris Herd realised that other companies were struggling to organise remote systems, and began offering the service to others. According to Herd, companies using Firstbase gain a number of advantages. “Redistributing workspace to workers homes reduces office overhead by 80 per cent … [companies] can guarantee their remote teams are using suitable equipment and they won’t be held liable for injuries…”

While some people have always wanted to work remotely, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many into the situation without the proper equipment or space. A number of recent innovations aim to help with this, including repurposing hotel rooms as remote workspaces and an app that can capture portions of Zoom calls for editing and sharing.

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