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App helps users keep track of renewal dates and avoid late fees

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GetReminded keeps track of renewal dates to help users save money and shop around for better deals.

Spotted: Australian startup GetReminded aims to help people proactively search for ways to spend less on services and renewal fees.

The app has saved people around £2000 a year in fees and late charges, according to the app’s founders, Silje Dreyer, David Wareing and Tim Nichola. 

You can set alerts for everything from frequent flyer points to mortgage payments. The app then reminds you before the expiration date so you can avoid late fees. It also sends you information about the renewal policy and other offers so you can look for a better deal. Dreyer says on average, each person has 2 household contracts they need to be reminded about.

The app launched in November 2018 and users have set a collective 20,000 reminders on it to date. 



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