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The app could make the workplace more productive | Photo source Listen Leon

App builds profiles based on mutual compliments from colleagues

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The French app allows for no likes, no public recognition and no fake praise — just pure altruism

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Spotted: Toulouse-based company ListenLéon developed an app for work-colleagues and friends to send anonymous compliments, mapping each other’s strengths.

By leaving anonymous positive reviews on each other’s profiles, visible only to the profile owner, ListenLéon aims to foster a movement of viral goodness. There are no likes, no public recognition, no kudos, no fake praise, just pure altruism. In the future, ListenLéon hopes the app can be used in high schools and broader social networks. 

Once reviews are left, the artificial intelligence solution collects and analyses the information to create a profile based on the user’s strengths. The idea is that by mapping qualities and being able to anonymously see those of your colleagues, people can ask each other for help. The startup plans to monetise this second step, whilst keeping the review process free.

Not only does the app have the potential to change workflow for the better, but it could help to refresh the entire attitude and dynamic of organisations. 

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