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Milliken’s Social Factor collection includes graphics that remind workers and customers of the need for social distancing | Photo source Milliken

Carpet tile designed to help businesses with social distancing efforts

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Milliken’s Social Factor collection features informational graphics that can be embedded into any carpet tile layout

Spotted: As the coronavirus pandemic moves into a new phase in many regions — with lockdowns easing around the world — it is becoming clear that businesses will need to adapt their offices and way of working. Safety and well-being are now firmly at the top of the corporate agenda. Commercial carpet manufacturer Milliken has released a new collection of carpets designed to help businesses make this adjustment. 

Milliken’s Social Factor collection features informational graphics that can be embedded into any carpet tile layout. The graphics include signs that promote social distancing and attention to hygiene. These can be customised to allow businesses to use their carpeting to direct workers or customers to walk in a one-way system, as a reminder to wash their hands and stay six feet apart and more. The graphics come in a number of different styles, to suit a variety of businesses environments. 

In the UK and Europe, Milliken has also released the Chase the Rainbow collection, which features a variety of rainbows. These have become symbols of hope and support for health professionals during the pandemic. The rainbow collection is meant to serve as a reminder to stay positive while allowing businesses to turn their floor into an art installation.

According to Milliken, the company has created the carpets, “To support the culture of the new workplace,” and to bring, “safety messages to life with lively and imaginative design treatments created to promote a spirit of positivity and commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.”

While signage will be an important part of reminding people to stay safe, designers are working on a number of other ideas for incorporating safety into commercial design elements. We have recently covered a stylish cone of safety that could help restaurants reopen and aeroplane seats that reduce the risk of contamination.

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