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The app already has a huge catalog of dynamic meeting rooms | Photo source All Turtles

An app optimises Zoom meetings with engaging and useful features

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Users can choose from a huge library of virtual backgrounds, position a live video stream anywhere and synchronise backgrounds with another presenter

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Spotted: One thing most of us probably won’t miss once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed is the Zoom meeting. Oh, sure, it was fun in the beginning, but there are only so many times we can console ourselves through a long, boring meeting with the thought that we only had to get dressed from the waist up. But now, digital studio All Turtles has come up with a new app called Mmhmm that could put the fun back into such remote meetings.

All Turtles was founded with the realisation that a lot of remote presentations that might have been energetic in person, ended up being flat and dull when remote. So, they set out to design a set of tools that allows anyone to create compelling and interesting video presentations themselves. Users can choose from a huge library of virtual backgrounds, position a live video stream anywhere on the background or on the material you are discussing and even shrink or grow in size.

Other features include a virtual laser pointer; the ability to collaborate remotely on creating presentations; a tool to synchronise backgrounds with another presenter, for a smooth transition; and to easily upload a video to sharing platforms like YouTube. The app works on a number of remote conference platforms and not everyone in the meeting needs the app – only the one presenting.

The product is currently in Beta test, but Mmhmm has already raised €31 million in funding. According to the company, Mmhmm hopes to convince people that remote meetings can be fun, saying, “During the pandemic, most of our social and business interactions moved to video chat. And to be honest, we didn’t love that experience. Suddenly we were all just bland heads-in-a-box, and it was harder than ever to collaborate with, present to, and entertain each other. So, we built Mmhmm to fix that.”

Mmhmm are not the only ones working on apps to improve the remote meeting experience, spotted by Springwise. These include pre-styled, waist-up accessories for use in remote meetings and an interactive platform that creates virtual offices.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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