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chAIR | Photo source De Smedt

Multi-purpose chair allows users to work anywhere

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A Belgian designer has created a folding chair and backpack that allow users to work from anywhere with ease

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Spotted: As the trend for remote working gathers pace, designer Andreas De Smedt has developed a series of “not quite” desks and chairs that allow users to work from anywhere. First there was Notadesk, a simple laptop desk that was designed to mount to a variety of surfaces, including windows and trees. Now, he has created a folding desk/chair that can be taken anywhere, for on-the-go working.

The so-called chAIR is styled similar to a director’s chair, with a fold-away work surface attached. The armrests and work surface are made of FSC bamboo, while the frame is constructed of durable aluminium. The entire chair weighs less than 6 kg (13.2 pounds), and so is light enough to be carried anywhere.

De Smedt has also designed a backpack that can be used with the chAIR. It has more than 10 pockets, a separated computer interlayer for carrying a laptop, a USB charging port and waterproof fabric. It is also designed to make it easy to strap the chAIR on the back to create a complete digital nomad workstation.

The chAIR was designed to help people escape their routine of strictly indoor work and socialising, and make it easier to escape outside for both work and play. On the chAIR’s Kickstarter campaign, De Smedt suggests uses that include taking “chAIR with you in your car to be productive when you arrive early to a meeting or to work in between meetings, after you’ve dropped your kid at training […] Return home but first, share a beer with friends. Prepare your meeting for the next day by your baby’s bed”.

The chAIR is De Smedt’s sixth product, and it joins a veritable tsunami of designs aimed at making it easier to work and study more flexibly. Some of the innovations in this space that we have recently covered include a school designed with flexible indoor and outdoor spaces and river-based floating work pods.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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