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The NeoLab Reco could make notetaking a lot easier | Photo source Kickstarter

Smartpen matches written notes to audio recordings

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Users can jump to any point in the recording by tapping the pen on a keyword or phrase written on the paper, without fast-forwarding and rewinding

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Spotted: NeoLab Convergence, the company that brought us a smartpen that could not only write like a normal pen but also transfer notes to phone or tablet using Bluetooth, has come out with a new product. Reco is a recorder that works with the Neo Smartpen to match written notes to recordings.

Rather than use a voice recorder and matching up written notes with recordings, Reco timestamps anything written with the Neo Smartpen on digital paper. This allows users to jump to any point in the recording by tapping the pen on a keyword or phrase written on the paper, without fast-forwarding and rewinding.

Users can also tap their notes to replay specific parts of videos or to open websites they’ve visited. The company claims the new product will be particularly useful for students, especially those who are studying in a second language, journalists, and employees in business meetings.

NeoLab CEO Steve Lee, explains that, “It is almost impossible to remember and catch every information when you are having classes, interviews, or conferences … However, sometimes taking notes distracts you more since you cannot really focus on listening while writing at the same time … When you write notes on paper while recording audio with Reco, … After the recording is finished, once you tap the word or the letter with Neo Smartpen, Reco plays the audio that was recorded when you wrote the word or the letter.”

The Reco and Smartpen are just two of several smart products we have seen that aim to make it easier to work or study. Some other useful innovations we have seen recently include a high-tech whiteboard that automatically syncs meeting notes to colleagues’ mobile devices and a Smartmarker, which allows users to live-stream, save and share their whiteboard notes.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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