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The Office Shell also makes a perfect solution for people without a separate home office | Photo source Dizz Concept

Self-contained office can be used after lockdowns

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A self-contained office, designed for open-plan spaces, has been reimagined as a home office for remote workers

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Spotted: Croatian furnishing and furniture designers Dizz Concept have created their Office Shell as a way to add private workspace to open-plan offices. But with more people working from home, and the situation likely to stay that way for a while, the company is now pointing out that the Office Shell also makes a perfect solution for people without a separate home office.

The Office Shell is a cylindrical, self-contained workstation, with retractable sliding panels that turn the space into a private cubicle – and a very stylish one at that. The convertible booth allows home workers to shut out the noise and distraction when needed, but then open back up to create more space when needed.

Taking up just four square metres of space, the small footprint means the Office Shell is compact enough to fit in small living spaces. It also creates a physical barrier between workers and any airborne viral infections, making it a great solution for offices with high-risk workers. It is constructed with entirely natural and recyclable materials and is highly customisable.

According to Dizz Concept, the Office Shell was designed using biophilic principles with the aim of, “addressing the shortcomings of open-plan offices. These shortcomings have been thoroughly researched; all of this research, conducted on large samples of workforce employed in open-plan offices throughout the world, pointed at the same problems. [The Office Shell] provides a highly customizable, safer workspace that allows for stress-free work in a green environment.”

We have previously pointed out the way that designers have been adapting furnishings and living spaces for a post-pandemic world. Some of these innovations, such as the pandemic-proof school and these stylish office partition systems, are so functional that they make sense even when there is no pandemic. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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