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Roblox has created a virtual private space for parties and meetings | Photo source Roblox

Roblox creates space for virtual parties

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Party Place serves as a virtual space where Roblox users can gather for private events

Spotted: From concerts in Fortnite, office meetings in Second Life and family vacations in custom-designed virtual worlds, the COVID-19 pandemic has kick-started a market for virtual meeting spaces for all types of events. Some of the most popular venues for these virtual meetings are in online gaming platforms and now Roblox is launching a new feature to cater to the growing demand for virtual event spaces.

Roblox’s offering, Party Place, serves as a virtual space where Roblox users can gather for private events. The company plans to make free private servers available in Party Place, allowing users to create a space where only those who have been invited can join and play. 

Party Place is based on the technology used to host the Bloxy Awards and the One World: Together At Home concert earlier this year. Each private space can hold up to 50 people for virtual events like birthday parties, school activities, or even office meetings.

The new offering comes after the April launch of Roblox’s Play Together game sort, which makes it easier for players to find games involving social events, such as camping or going to a virtual shopping mall. Roblox described Party Place as an ideal meeting space. “Whether it’s a birthday bash, hangout time, or even a graduation, Party Place is perfect for getting together with friends, listening to music, and jumping into games together.”

As part of our ongoing coronavirus coverage, Springwise has explored a wide number of innovations in the market for social VR environments. These have included virtual office drinks and holidays. Although many of these may not outlast the pandemic, a number of platforms have cropped up recently to take advantage of the trend for providing VR spaces for meetings.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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