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The Split partition system helps keep spaces light and airy, while adding elements of both safety and style | Photo source IOC Project Partners

Office partition system lends stylish safety

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IOC's glazed, glass room divider can safely separate workspaces while keeping offices light and relatively open

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Spotted: Even after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided, health risks will continue, prompting what many believe will be a long-term adjustment in how we work and recreate. Offices, in particular, will need to be COVID-proofed, if companies are going to entice workers back from remote working. One office furniture brand, IOC Project Partners, has designed a set of partitions designed to make this both easy and attractive.

IOC has created a glazed, glass room divider called Split, that can safely separate workspaces while keeping offices light and relatively open. The clear dividers rest on a very thin track and are framed with thin aluminium, to give a spare, clean look that suits open-plan spaces. The Split system is designed to allow the height of the glass, doors and jambs to be altered in order to make installation easier. 

The aluminium can be anodised, painted or veneered, to create a variety of looks and match existing décor. The system also includes matching accessories, including room schedulers, pull handles, locks, plugs and switches. Split is available with single or double-glazed panels and coloured or patterned glass can be used to add a decorative effect.

IOC Project Partners is an independent arm of the Lema Group, which focuses on office supplies and furnishings. The group is known for its high quality and for maintaining an artisanal approach to manufacturing. The company says, “With an ethos built around a vision of a contemporary office, where function, design and tech are vital elements, IOC offers a large and varied selection of products ranging from executive furniture to operating systems via chairs, desks, storage and wall systems.”

Here at Springwise, we saw a number of partition systems developed in the early stages of the pandemic to provide a cheap, fast way to add safety. Now that more time has elapsed, we are starting to see more advanced methods for improving office safety. Recent innovations have included chain curtains repurposed as restaurant dividers and the use of telepresence robots in offices.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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