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The VR4Pharm platform works on multiple types of devices, for training on the go | Photo source 3F

VR platform provides realistic training anywhere

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A new VR training platform is designed to be used to train pharmacists and can create 360° virtual scenarios

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Spotted: An Italian company has built a virtual reality platform that has been developed especially for use in the health care sector. The platform, VR4Pharma, built by First Forward Future Lab (3F), can faithfully simulate different work environments and can reproduce the interactions and decision-making processes of individuals.

The platform is designed to be used in the training of pharmacists and can create 360° virtual scenarios, which accurately mimic real-life situations. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the system can gauge how well the health professional handles each situation and can verify that they have the appropriate skills and competences.

VR4Pharma is not only capable of simulating different training situations, but can also help pharmacists to develop skills in areas such as professional competence, management and handling customers. The system evaluates user performance in terms of the correctness of the health protocols used and from the perspective of customer experience.

3F has developed a number of VR training applications, which the company hopes can lead to improved development of knowledge and skills, facilitation of decision-making and better customer satisfaction within the health sector. The company describes its emphasis as, “a ‘Tech Know Logic’ reality, since we believe that no tech really creates value if it does not integrate the specific know-how of a sector.”

As VR has developed, Springwise has covered a number of areas in which the technology is rapidly improving and delivering options for entertainment and training. Recently, we have seen VR developed for uses as diverse as creating immersive marketing experiences and to teach safe driving.

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