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The panels offer visual and acoustic privacy | Photo source Human Scale

Desk dividers provide safe working environment in open-plan offices

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Humanscale has designed desk dividers for open-plan offices that not only offer privacy, but also protect from airborne viral particles

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Spotted: As many companies are now starting to return to their offices, a key issue is facilitating a safe return to work and having a space that doesn’t disrupt employees’ workflow. With the setup of open-plan offices in mind, furniture brand Humanscale has designed the WellGuard Separation Panels. They were developed in an effort to boost employee wellbeing and productivity.  

The WellGuard Separation panels offer visual and acoustic privacy by eliminating peripheral interruptions and comes with the added bonus of reducing the risk of airborne transmission of viral particles between workstations. They are easy to install, durable, and customisable to each desk. There are six mounting options for users to choose from, which were developed to ensure that they can be attached to any type of work surface. The panels are available in two materials, either PETG plastic with a clear or frosted finish, or a felted PET material to improve sound absorption. The variety in the widths and heights the panels come in, ensure proper coverage in any workspace.

The WellGuard Separation panels can now be ordered on the Humanscale website.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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