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The tests can examine everything from personality to typing skills. | Photo source Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Startup uses AI to reduce unconscious bias during the hiring process

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Harver is using machine learning and automation to help companies improve large-scale hiring processes

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Spotted: Startup Harver has created software that automates the hiring process, using data to sort, test and vet candidates. The program makes hiring easier, faster and decreases the chance of unconscious bias in the process, the company says. 

Harver is different from other AI-based hiring programs because it focuses on the pre-interview selection process. The software offers HR teams several adaptable assessment modules. The tests can examine everything from personality to typing skills. The program then assesses the results and determines which candidates are the best fit for an interview.

The software is already used by several large, international companies like Netflix and Uber. The company recently received over €11.5 million in funding, raising a total of nearly €28 million since its launch in 2015. 

Springwise has spotted other efforts to use AI to streamline and improve the hiring process. A Russian startup has created a chatbot named Vera to interview prospective hires. US-based Textio is using machine learning to help HR teams write better job descriptions.



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