Innovation That Matters

7 innovations to kickstart positive change today

This week's Top 7 celebrates innovations that make the world a better place

In recent months, Springwise has spotted a number of innovations that — said simply — make the world a better place. Many of them help improve the environment such as 3D printed seawalls to boost biodiversity. But some combat social ills such as digital billboards to help homeless people find shelter. Or are health-related like fidget spinners that save lives in some of the poorest corners of the earth. At Springwise, we find all of the innovations we share worthwhile, but admittedly, some are more inspiring than others. Our latest Top 7 celebrates some recent world improving innovations. Enjoy!

3D printed seawalls promote biodiversity and reduce pollution

Volvo supports seawall design that mimics a popular habitat for marine life

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Adults see world through a child’s eyes using virtual reality

Virtual reality helps social workers and others engage more effectively with vulnerable children

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Carbon sink absorbs carbon dioxide to produce clean energy

University researchers create a system that cleans the environment and produces clean energy

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Digital billboard helps the homeless find shelter

On cold nights a Swedish digital billboard company provides directions on where to find the nearest homeless shelter.

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Fidget spinners can save lives as centrifuges

Researchers at the National Taiwan University discover that the plastic children’s toy can spin fast enough to separate blood

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Hospital pulls moisture from the air to get clean water

Solar-powered “hydropanels” on a roof turn moisture into drinkable water

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IoT beehive protects bee life

A startup has developed a new sustainable beehive with IoT connectivity to eradicate deadly mites and keep bees safe.

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Pakistan eradicates transport emissions with bio-methane

A public transport initiative goes fully emission-free with an unusual new source for fuel.

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