Action On Innovation

Action On Innovation

At Springwise we find and publish great innovations every day.

We see ideas designed to help us increase our productivity, improve our wellbeing, automate the boring parts of our jobs, personalize our purchases and help us use data to improve our decision-making.

And sometimes we see ideas that could truly change the world in which we live, for the better.

Via our Spotter network, we see ideas that empower citizens to help the communities in which they live, ideas designed to help clean up our polluted oceans, innovations that could alleviate the current European refugee crisis and help populations in the developing world with better access to education and healthcare. We've covered innovations that drive transparency in government, bring greater equality to the societies in which we live and that use technology to reverse the damage we have done, and continue to do, to the natural world.

But despite seeing these ideas on a daily basis, all too often these innovations don't get the support they deserve.

That is why, with your help, Springwise is launching an ‘Action on Innovation’ initiative. We want you to help us share these brilliant ideas with the world.

You can vote for your favourite idea via our Twitter poll or by sending us a tweet @springwise.

Below are the four innovations we have shortlisted. Please vote, and help us take action on innovation!

1 Flat pack home for emergency shelter

Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, ShelterPack homes collapse to 31 centimeters in height, provide natural light and collect rainwater.

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2 Healthcare discounts discourage logging to save the rainforest

Alam Sehat Lestari is a non-profit that provides healthcare discounts to villagers who preserve the nearby rainforest.

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3 Newspaper printed with ink that repels mosquitoes

One of Sri Lanka's most popular newspapers has created the Mawbima Mosquito Repellent Paper, printed using an ink containing a bug-repelling ingredient.

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4 Aqua drone gulps harbor trash, prevents ocean pollution

RanMarine Technology’s latest waste-management solution is the WasteShark, a solar-powered, autonomous drone that collects garbage from harbor waters.

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