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Top 10 innovations in immersive technology 2018

Explore the range of Springwise's top innovations in immersive technology in our latest curated Top 10.

Immersive technology is booming in various sectors, from retail to health and the workplace. The UK government is investing 33 million GBP to support immersive technology research, highlighting the future growth still to come. Innovations in this field have already made rapid progress, with the latest solutions including a virtual education platform for learner drivers and VR therapy programmes to aid stroke victims and acrophobia sufferers. Not only is immersive technology bringing various new products to the market, it is also fostering disruption by integrating such innovations into our daily lives.

AR hologram app allows shoppers to view products in 3D

A UK fashion brand is incorporating AR software to offer an alternative shopping experience for its customers. Engaging with customers in this manner fosters better interactivity and encourages brand loyalty.

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Developer uses AR tool to create virtual business card

An ARKit developer has enhanced the regular business card by adding AR and image tracking. Businesses using immersive technology further demonstrates the versatility of such innovations.

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Lightweight haptic feedback gloves let users ‘touch’ VR objects

New, lightweight haptic feedback gloves provide a realistic feeling of lifting and manipulating virtual objects. Working on the sense of touch is one way that immersive technology is expected to thrive in the future.

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Smart glasses project holograms only the wearer can see

New smart glasses are controlled through a ring and project holograms into the wearer’s eyes. With the creation of more products such as this, the integration of immersive technology into our daily lives becomes ever easier.

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Startup creates full-body VR suit

London-based startup hopes to manipulate the third most reactive sense – touch – as part of its project’s offering. This suit highlights the range of products coming out to improve experiences with immersive technology.

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VR app aids learner drivers

National education scheme embraces virtual reality to help learner drivers hit the road with confidence. This innovation helps drivers learn in a safe and controlled environment.

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VR could trick stroke victims to aid recovery

Researchers are working on a way to use virtual reality to retrain the brain and muscles of stroke victims to aid in recovery. Using immersive technology for health purposes is a key example of how innovation is covering even more diverse sectors.

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VR used to analyse 3D data

This new technology helps users navigate data by grabbing and interacting with it. Such technology is opening doors to help educate, inform and expand a person’s experiences.

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Virtual reality therapy helps overcome acrophobia

VR therapy programme aims to reduce the fear of heights with computer-generated virtual coach. Such technology can help reduce the strain on healthcare professionals.

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Zero packaging store uses AR to provide product info

A retail store has launched packaging free products, where customers can use a recognition app to retrieve AR product information. This not only provides a unique user experience but also makes the business more sustainable.

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